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The Challenges Multinational Corporations Face with Traditional Asset Recovery Solutions




According to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Almost one-third of global production comes from Multi-national corporations. In addition, they also account for half of all global exports, almost one-third of the world GDP and, about one-fourth of employment. This type of business structure is only going to continue to grow as there are near countless benefits, as highlighted here. However, this type of business structure is not without its challenges. One area that these corporations continuously struggle with is their asset recovery.


Multi-national corporations face surplus challenges, unlike any other. With facilities and branches of production being positioned across the globe, it becomes common that most asset recovery activities feel disjointed and lack continuity from location to location. This lack of continuity spawns from the lack of consistent force across all branches.


Another challenge that multi-national organizations face when looking to sell surplus assets and spare parts is the ability to source buyers. Each facility might have a few dedicated buyers for each local market; however, they struggle to find new buyers outside their traditional market. Without the ability to reach these external buyers for their surplus assets, they often settle and sell them for less than they could have recovered.




The final challenge multi-national organizations face when dealing with surplus MRO, and spare parts is the lack of visibility across branches and facilities. This results in the unnecessary disposal or excessive purchasing of inventory that the organization already has. This overspending on previously owned assets drives up production costs reducing potential earnings from products.


When implementing an asset recovery strategy, these organizations must address these challenges to maximize their assets' value. One of the best ways to maximize the value and streamline your asset recovery strategy is to work with NRI Industrial.


Like many multi-national corporations, NRI has multiple operations all over the world. We provide turn-key asset recovery solutions that are specifically designed to overcome the challenges multi-national corporations face. We build our solutions around your goals, whether it be empowering your ability to immediately recover unused capital to strategically integrating asset management services into your organization for full transparency across all your organization's facilities.


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We are one of the largest surplus equipment sellers in North America with operations in the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and Asia. Our global reach will ensure maximum value return on all your surplus assets, no matter how unique or custom your material may be. Leveraging our facilities, along with our in-depth sector market knowledge, makes us one of the most significant industrial asset recovery experts.


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