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A Message To Our Clients Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

NRI Industrial Sales has been tracking the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak for several weeks. This includes monitoring official and media reports on the spread of this virus as well as reviewing and assessing operating procedures to reduce the risk of infection to both employees and clients should this threat become localized.

At NRI, the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. Today we’re sharing a number of updates with our clients about how NRI will be taking all necessary precautions and continue to closely monitor the situation in order to keep all members of our organization safe.

NRI has implemented increased policies on cleanliness, hygiene, travel, and contact. We have briefed all members of our team on safe practices to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We have also implemented a plan to respond to pandemic events in a safe manner. The following are some of the critical policies and precautions we have implemented to keep our clients safe:

  1. Our organization is tracking and monitoring international travel for all staff who may have traveled to the affected COVID-19 areas.

  2. Any employees who have traveled to a country outside of North America will not be permitted to return to work unless they have spent 14 days in self isolation or have been cleared by a physician to return to work. 

  3. Our organization is closely monitoring the movement and status of all staff who are in direct contact with any of our customers or client facilities.

  4. Our organization has implemented aggressive policies on health and safety, including cleanliness and hygiene standards, both on and off-site. 

  5. All employees of NRI who are permitted to travel to and from client facilities will comply with instructions from local authorities where they are visiting. If, for example, they are told by local authorities not to go somewhere, they will comply. All traveling employees will comply with any local restrictions on travel, movement, or large gatherings.

  6. Any non-essential travel will be canceled, and video-conferencing for meetings will be utilized wherever possible.

  7. If NRI feels at any point that a situation would put our clients or employees at risk, we will immediately re-assess with the possibility of postponing or canceling events.

Our clients will be notified immediately in cases where potential disruptions to regular operations schedules may take place.

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